Made of Glue

empty words
will never fill
the hole
to make us whole again

it’s absurd
to fathom
yet so feverishly
we pretend

’tis the struggle
plaguing every human
since the dawn of time

pain into depictions
forming rows of rhyme

though most often
it may come out
sounding like a wounded cat

there are rare occasions
where our vision
airs without a scratch

i myself
have yet to reach
the pinnacle
of perfect prose

my writing’s a debacle
everybody knows

i trudge ahead
with apathy
my greatest asset

sustained by the sympathy
of those who indeed
are most tacit

it is by their merit
do i gain the will
to voice these thoughts

and i appreciate them more
than pepsi-cola
hits the spot

it’s a crime
to write such rubbish
sadly, i am wont to do

existing in a world
of rubber
as a person
made of glue


7 Replies to “Made of Glue”

  1. for the record, i would never drink pepsi. it’s just a reference to the antiquated ad campaign. the fact that i’m compelled to point this out should indicate my state of distaste for pepsi. “things go better with coke”.

    Liked by 4 people

            1. Aww that deserves two hearts ❤ ❤
              and I could not agree more.
              It has been really hard for me when people have so naively asked me if I wanted a particular kind of coke as well…do my eyes not plead, original? Is there any other? Ever?


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