Distinct Extinction

women hold the answers
to the questions never asked them
by the men who would oppress them
to appease the greatest evil
manifested by men’s ego
solely based on the inference
of imagined insignificance
for their lacking of the function
that creates life as we know it
on this point of indignation
every drop of blood and tear shed
from the dawning of our species
men have wrought without contrition
call it not human condition
but the state of male affliction
disinclined to ever listen
to the voice of gentle wisdom
speaking words of unheard visions
mother earth and all her sisters
have expressed throughout the ages
but as men are wont to display
disregarding what women say
we are left to devolution
e’er denying the solution
held by each and every woman
’tis a tragedy unwritten
lo, the wrath of insecure men
ushers all into extinction


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