a classic from mister Ryan Kelton

The Poetry of Ryan Kelton


I must remain—
I must hold on

For as long
As I can.

This rope stretches out
Into a void

That drinks light
As I drink air.

Each fiber sinks
Its teeth into my nerves;

My entangled sinews
Are pulled upwards

Inch by inch,
Year by year

To an end

I cannot see—
The glare blinds me.

This is the light
For which I seek—

This is all that I have left,
Caught along the path

By the daily wax
And wane;

Here I must stay
Until my skin shatters

And my bones crack
Into sand

Once more;
Nothing left

The silent shore.

[5/6/11; edited 1/6/15 & 3/1/17]

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