6 Replies to “To WRITE (inspired by Just Joan)”

  1. 😄😍 I love your extensive vocabulary. I envy that you were able to have such words roll off your thoughts and your hands so easily. It’s funny how I can read your work and know exactly where you’re going with it at the same token when I myself sit down to write, sometimes the words are lost.😄😄btw – that cat looks like my Max! Lol


  2. Thanks, Max. I have become a devoted fan of yours over the past few weeks and am delighted to have inspired a poem. I love how you have used PERPETUITY and TRANSMUTING here, both so sharp and crystal clear. Like the Velveteen Rabbit becomes real through the love of a child, life experience is validated by committing our words to paper. I loved the ending of this, too. Some writing is meant for our own eyes only, but those private words can be equally important and validating. 🙂

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