Window of Slumber

i believe in subtle skies where you and i might meet

dreams serene that lie between the rift of open eyes

i have seen you as you are and as you may have been

whispering in silent hues refracting through dawn’s dew

waxing spools of unspent words where truth inspires the wind

freely falling as the finest motes on placid seas

hidden realms of quietus and calming songs of trust

long forgotten degustaions painting life as love

memories once fleeing from our muddled minds transmute

so will sunken soil bear secrets deep as stars in view

wonders yet unknown of verity as vast as home

one day will awaken with the ancient prayers of yore

every layer of mystery once more will breathe the sun

until this time i find the faces fond as once i held

traced in patterns strewn about in scattered lines perceived

inside of worlds familiar depicted in my sleep


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