Quaint Acquiescence Is An Obsequious Acquaintance

sentiments in repetition meant to vent with relevance
relinquish the varnish that tarnishes the vulgar tolerance
commence with imminence the absence of antiquity
for quaint acquiescence is an obsequious acquaintance
ubiquitous as though it may be, acclimation clings aloof
from roof to mountaintop rounding up with rallied cries
rising echoes sound of silent sorrows soon to beckon
why then try, as troubadour or rube of high demeanor
dubious depictions dangle like truths that fall no more
musing angles by which this ruse might inflict less feeling
stitching loosely by light revealing conflicts of duress
stealing strength from respite choosing no less than languish
eventual sediment in secluded stasis embracing lost artifice
weaved words of wont whimsy will quell this wells depths
in diligent delineations of dreary dreamscapes divulged


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