Your Era So Golden

drawn out days of titian settling
the era’s closure drawing near
awkward affections shared passing
would soon become passion entwined

distant horizons of arid liquescence
ever eluding the focus we sought
erred, the inherent aplomb, never fathoming
fears since forsaken in faith fueled fires
torrential tirade, your era so golden
impressed in the brood of its wake

heartache bore into lavender walls
awaiting the moment with you in my arms
where were your words so wont to wax in wallow
how hollow the home of the world I had known

the dance of days that deceived us
the tumulted spires of spectacle
that stood to make valid the toil
our turmoil in vain

wading in waning , awash of the waters
where once we found cleansing

the wraith of your suffering
resigned us to this disavowed closure

this fragmented filament could forge in fine temperance
but vanity’s deference reigns
trudging through deconstructed dreams
razed of the memories maimed
unceremoniously unraveled
with unrelenting


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