i wish

i could reply
just once

and set upon
that brave new world

to bridge
this unrelenting gap

that suffers
our demise.

the echo

in the absent room


with but a wistful wont

as every thought

yet taunts me

with replies


Accursed Ring

i have worn
this banded armor
shorn away
by silent toll

even now
in days diminished
erstwhile sentiments yet hold

idle hands
have stayed my purpose
vice allays
the spirit’s wake

tears erode
this pallid surface
worthless feelings
ne’er abate

from the desert sun
has robbed me
of my own perception

burning shadows
stabbed my eyes
and stole her
from the moon’s reflection

But Here I Sit

i should probably bathe

but here I sit

i should probably eat something

but here I sit

i should probably shave

but here I sit

i should probably go to work

but here I sit

i should probably tend to my ablutions

but here I sit

i should probably get out of bed

but here I sit

i should probably live…




Where Lost Time Stands Still

a faltering state of mind
calls this pittance to arms
the paltriest paradigm
of pandering charms
defaulting to circumstance
chants ruing the day
in vaults of indignance
locked deftly away
a vacuous feeling
since stolen from god
that once seemed appealing
now dolent and odd
beyond every precipice
where lost time stands still
and thoughts of our sins escape
from cells of spent will
but dare never to look back
lest our sanity fall
from blight into blackness
confined to mute walls
constructed of naught but
our lies and laments
in reveries e’er fraught
with heaven’s repent