The Fire Consuming All

it is only the truly wicked
who possess a patience
without precedent

biding their time
making the rounds
with a sycophant guile

playing to all parties
to siphon surreptitiously
the fruit born
of their sadist seed

safe within the harbor
of ambiguous locution
summoning boundaries
with care not to overstep

with the sword
of inference
by vagary

doling out
their nettled
words of wanton wreckage

in disingenuousness
like a khalkotauroi

every move
to prove themselves
the victor

walk with trepidation
my friend
lest ye draw
their straw of ire

for its burden
ne’er retires
the fire
consuming all


Perspective Meme Observations: Women* (& other oddities)

There are times in which all of the entirety of language fails to suffice our desired conveyance.  This is why we have memes. *please take note, this is only a meme, thus, all representations may be prone to parodic exaggeration meant to achieve a humorous effect.  Except for that last frame… Why am I disclaiming?  Because of my effusive affinity for magniloquent masochism which happens to have sadistic functioning as well.  Okay, now i just feel super awkward… argh!

As much as find that I’m mildly afflicted by the abundance of alliterative day-of-the-week internet posting trends (such as ~sassy saturday~ or ~tonsilectomy tuesday~), I  have nonetheless decided that I will add to this blog[?] a weekly tradition i shall dub ~Fotoshop Friday~.  Or perhaps even, Photoshop Phriday […Fauxteaux Xiaoppe–… ok, i’ll stop. {but i’ll never stahp}…(((halp!))).  Upon which I shall post a new Photoshop amalgamative abomination from the ardor of my artifice.  Which may manifest in such ways such as to display the essence of my soul as seen below:14570679_1753020501582059_8636225138182371449_o

or perhaps when “shipping” went 8-bit:


and who could forget when ~Friend∞Zone~ dropped their debut album?



and the toilsome nights that ensued…


PSA’s for troubled youth:


the time i “borrowed” Scutty’s hawt bod…


and the proper tense for intimate grammatic expressions…


but I digress.