desert repose

through space
in between

i have seen why
the sun stirs

resplendent in scenes
where the zinnia dwell

to think
all of this
could exist in epistle

spurs dew of sweet bliss

from a desert repose

once driftless

by moonlit implore
have i stumbled

its umbral imbrue
draws no more


my expression
airs profuse
ensnaring me
in silent noose
these ceaseless cries
of reckless poise
pen pointless vies
of restless noise
recycled prose
composed of pain
in spiral throes
bereft of shame
enmeshed in mire
moshing through muck
long since retired
from flying fucks
abundant piles
of errant swill
redundant guile
imperiled still
suffice to say
human am i
the price i pay
cannot deny
this truth unmoored
of my behest
a heart obscured
by art beset
but dare i say
i shall persist
for here allays
the impetus
to quash this voice
would surely gain
naught but the vice
of life’s abstain
so hear these words
but heed them not
for rest assured
they are but thoughts