Through These Words

you will see
my pain

the endless hours spent

the triumph
of this misery

in a momentary squander

you may wander
through the pages torn

and wonder
how i speak your truth

the one
stayed by a stinging tongue

layered ‘neath a stolen sun

at times
we will laugh together

rain may fall
on distant ground

and the secret
guarded smile
will have vanished
left untold

on the cusp
of thought symphonic
on the path
of parting stream

though we understand
the story

who we are
remains unseen

mystery becomes our warden
through these words
of sought reprieve


Infinity Still Residing

awaken to the void
vespertine avenues vanish
awash in bittersweet moments
memories of absconded youth
infinity still residing
on the tip of my tongue’s refrain
folding into crumbling worlds
caught between in silent hues
where your warmth imbued the stars
in dreams that beam salvation
falling over limbs of lumber
hapless, bearing fate so sweet