Petaluna Linger

in coils of amber

and slumber
as autumn awakens

a solemn breeze
lofty trees
in lucent columns

a gauntlet
of ambient umbra

born the republic
of czechoslovakia

a voice could be heard:
“call me ishmael”

forces of intrigue
colluded in union

to bring forth
a most inconsequential

through mistral moons
into mellow mons

from stumbled startings
to fallen ends

asterina anomala

of a serene dawn

plush fur of eternal purr
fills my pillow
ever brimming

this astral seraphic
kitten cabal

[image credit: Ivan Bilibin]


In Heart Woven Harmonic Virtue

erstwhile flashes of our enduring tale

have danced across the stage in the theatre of my mind

these lavishly adorned accounts of amorous bliss

render me besotted with the beauty and boldness of your love

your words are as delicate motes of pollen

steadily born upon this weathered breast

breathing vitality anew

as familiar as tea and cake

bringing forth a fabled tapestry of time’s treasured trove

composed of our memories

transcendent twinkle entwined in euphony

the luck that looms our love’s lore lingers eternal

for once again, we have found one another

my spirit rejoices

ringing resonantly throughout the vales of the cosmos

in heart woven harmonic virtue