Phantom Filament

i swallow pills
to feel like i exist
to stay my wrists
from bleeding out
and the nightshade
from my mouth
keep the hammer
from the primer
and the blade
untouched by blood
to prevent another haunting
at a wayward viaduct
so the reservoir stays pure
and the oven safe for food
let the rope tend to its duty
and the fires burn of wood
plastic bags were meant for sundries
and policemen to protect
heroin is too depressing
living death begets respect
it’s an irony most shameful
that to suffer is to earn
amid consequence most baleful
while the tastemaker’s face turns
as we follow in the footsteps
of a lifelong detriment
chanting “this is as good as it gets”
in a phantom filament


Favored Detachment

maudlin voices
through the night

the ends
of an erstwhile

like infants
with fervent fixation

days spent
in a garrulous haste

to dust
turns the water
from bottles
of air

as spirits deplete
without fear
of redemption

of sweet agony
gather in basins

‘neath faceless
rapt in depart