Amid the Ruin

Spoken thoughts of sullen silt
Ramble down the wayward trail
Guided by an unseen force
To an ending time prevails
Every tale of glistened hinting
Leaping forth our truth afire
Wasted flesh as wilted flowers
Dangle from our stemmed repute
Parting ways as days conclude
In brooding now bereft of boon
Gone are all the songs of now
Lost amid the toilsome tune
Beauteous as once I knew
Blanketed in blissful skies
Bride of comfort draped in clouds
Wielding words that whispered wise
The hour has since come and gone
Left behind, these hearts now truant
Rumination, restlessness
And rhyme remain amid the ruin

Emptied Unto Arms of Clay

verity as thought forsaken
lingers long in clouds of lead
twisting spires of wrought contortion
sown distortion courting dread

shedding hours spread like reddened
ire devours descending rope
mooring of our own portending
fastened to facades of hope

torn asylum trickles onward
all the equid etched terrain
hobbled oath inflecting inward
emptied unto arms of clay

adulating spurs complacent
erubescent indigence
abrogating fate’s insistence
airing anthropomorphic

affectation errs evincing
mocking amorous proclaim
sacred bond absconds as mincing
silencing the heart’s refrain

Fiery Heaps of Discontent

our natural state is co-existence
arriving, all in perfect form
from that day, we learn to distance
taught by self-appointed norm
time-honored dishonoring
through indoctrination learned
tethered by these ancient moorings
solitude of bridges burned
manmade isles of ire and loathing
fiery heaps of discontent
slowly yielding, never knowing
boundless love for which we’re meant
subtle cues, environment
as mechanisms meant for coping
affected on our countenance
now give rise to interloping
with external arbitrary
attributes to draw the distance
truth remains a cautionary
tale that suffers sung in silence

Waxing Erstwhile

wandering wearily
through warped wood
a wintry wasteland whitened
watching with weather eye
the wonder of the wild
where weeping willows waver
in twin whorled waters

wistfully wrung writings
weaved on weary walls
wrought with writhing woes
so wont to ride the wind
in wishful wafts of whimsy

as weakened worth
bestows waning warrant
we wallow in our willful ways
waxing erstwhile

Sowing Song Eternal

shadows may ever revolve
fixed on incandescent lure
etching vale upon this visage
mending rent flesh acumen

seasons set to solitude
may shed like threads abuzz with youth
once wont to squander
banded by kindred tune

tangibly transcending realms
filaments familially forged
harmony as resonant
as fulgurant bellow strikes anew

in those ebbing hours tumult
tones educing distant stages
tempering in tides of triumph
coalescing quests of truth

this cage of wrapped diminish
travels onward tethered still
harbored by amity’s repose
sowing song eternal