hopelessly conforming to our cognitive contrivances
in clandestine displays displacing confluence of ideas
imbued upon incumbents of internalized inferences
incessantly impugning the perceptions deemed as real
in paltry portions pacifying, passively portrayed
for purposes supposing sempiternity simplistic
as space which occupies the oppositional array
presumed as dispositions predisposed to false depictions
encrypted by the cruxes of dysfunctions which pervade
with predilection fixed on flights of bold dissociation
disparities defining our delusions and dismay
that separate our fates from our accountability
to fortify the mechanisms meant to mend the breaching
where pieces preaching solipsism seep into our mind
from failing to reach out into extrinsic realms surrounding
if found would then invoke such visions previously veiled
availing of an evolution poised with lucid aplomb
permitting us to own the implications of our wrath
imparted to our conscience, conscientiousness most sound
that we might better understand all aspects of existence
with balance from auspicious valence, hope might then compound

Poem for You

felidae entwine my spirit
framed in frozen timeworn heights
such fate falls but once and only
molecules meet tongue in haste

curse this mind of echoed refuse
not allowing facile form
feelings of effusive freedom
bear no call to fault obscured

solace finds me in our silence
lost dimensions shift in shadows
lifting upward with release
let us now slip into slumber

crucial is the word we ravish
flushed, our lips defy known rapture
press your precious pith devoutly
pallid flesh smites potent implore

oh my noble lexic seraph
so do i adore thy mooring
tears of urgent surging wells
arrive us on the tide’s reprieve

needn’t are we to besiege
each of our own affliction’s ire
for we are as we ever shall be
bonding infinite depiction

The Relevance of Circumstance

every word we voice or stay bears power infinite
obsessive, nuanced, veiled displays composed of artifice
presuming the right to quantify experience not known
imposing our opinion from a self-appointed throne

but every person’s truth is as intrinsic to their being
as is the inability to know what things they see
the only safe thing to assume accepts things left unknown
the circumstances relevant to that which might be shown

for once we take the time to understand each other’s plight
we start to see through empathy as things soon come to light
it isn’t necessary to condone actions not sound
instead, we must apprise ourselves of circumstances found

for then we can prevent futures perpetuating fates
by taking every measure to preempt what lies in wait
with assiduity, it is imperative we mind
in situations disinclined to ethically align

with our experience, cast ye not any man aside
lest we freely foster fates exacted by design
with great implore i urge thee not forsake things which repel
the very senses needed should we ever hope to quell

the bane afflicting humankind, as one society
to take the time to find the signs revealed by history
we must stay vigilant to heed of what we doth consist
for any conscious mind with heart not born of narcissus

considers every truth and seeks out knowledge lesser known
by poring through the pages, gauge things covers can’t alone
impress in breadth imparting challenges one has since met
are only by the grace of random cosmic occurrence

and through this understanding the perspective ye doth hold
should now include a reverence for deference since bestowed
with thanks be given to thy lucky stars thou should exist
to rise above thine ashes with the rationale to persist

Fading Footsteps

when i turn to see your face
in imprints left behind
foreign shapes of shallow depth
sow shifting rifts through time
false impressions follow paths
alluding truths unknown
straying from our trail of tears
to find me here, alone
as stone erodes ‘neath gushing stream
all that stood to endure
would crumble fast to fill the cracks
of figments now obscured
languishing in hope abandoned
lost in reverie
vanquished, all but one memento
burning on my sleeve

Every Thought Denied Existence

Every thought denied existence
Lingers long in realms of rue
Just as truths untold persist
Subconsciously in shades imbued

To our known ideal of self
We struggle in estranged subdue
What is shown through what is held
Is often not revealed eschewed

On this fickle precipice
Lie all expressions fraught with fear
Hanging on the impetus
Of what impressions wrest our peers

If our minds are left to excess
Overburdened, undermined
Ever will impending duress
Govern what things we may find

Still, with stubborn heads relentless
Silencing the heart’s desire
Suffer as these false intentions
Surface surfeit of our ire

Felled Fast On Her Shoulder

adrift in each moment
her tempestuous waters writhing
beneath skies which she granted her garden of hues
in fading horizons
define earth from heaven
concealed amid coppice
hedge sodden shores strewn
spring forth strands of stardust
felled fast on her shoulder
as desert winds balmy lift spiralling plumes
on journeys unspoken
unknown to mere men
in glacial abandon on axis exiled
and tropical canopies bursting with breath
encompassing spectrums
infinity’s view
she trembles in trenches
untouched by the sun
to shift the foundation
with fury fomenting
ascending to heights
said to humble the beholden
unfurling as scrolls inscribed with tales tragic