Under the Ruby Speckled Tree

under the ruby
speckled tree
hours passed
as our past
spilled out before us

random shapes
saw growth

as strange
as what we have become

soaked in sun-drawn salted dew

so few
I had come to know

softened smiles
would crumble walls
as tall as mountains

in forgotten flesh
that forged anew

toward the crimson dawn
in sacred solitude

we held forever

ever knowing
nothing more
than love’s gentle cradling

kissed by a fallen gem
now stained
the hues of human

every loss we suffered
shone through
this crooked canvas
as covert cries

wisdom watching
as we wept
vivid breaths
that stilled the air

in wintry wafts
of stolen strength

this lengthy load
now turns languid

Revered Red Rose

revered red rose
plucked perfection
silken sheen of sworn silphium
passion implied through echoed glances
sparking bursts amid darkness reborn

gaze into ephemeral beauty
bathe now in the sweet aroma
ardently drink of its naked nectar
meandering through the copious crevices

the coming onset of the scarab horde persists
as breaths of dormant decay allay the boatman
reaping what was smote, in amorous embalming

witness the wanton wilting of lilting languish
spill unto the fetid fragrance freed
silence seeds the silt that striates solemnly
in semblances of stranded sky dust blanched
await the reunion of remnants restructured

Shedding My Soul for Bedding

In Chambers of abundant void
Decadent decay ensues
Peering past spectacled sphere
Allaying my undoing
Fear cast upon mangled mass
Dangling over moral mendacity
In pendulant descent
Shedding my soul for bedding
To usher in the dawn
Amorous armor, brittle and tarnished
Halted momentum
Of bare wire frame
Cognizance compromised
With time’s absconding
The hour’s toll looming
I pray, not awaken

Like a Deftly Sewn Death Shroud Secured

Bereft; lay my heart upon ocean’s floor
Forever once wandered from her lips
Now eclipsed in shadowed solitude
Indiscernible, such impetus gives way
Allaying the allure of erstwhile spirit
Spent; things rent yet remain
As plain as ivory iridescence upon desolate eve
In gloaming, elucidation ensues
Expanding our minds in the umbral embrace
Essences escape in eager entreaties
Erupting like flames from chasmal cliffs
Arriving at the altar of fated farewell
Felled like forests denied deponent
Enduring etchings bespeckle this quarry
Quietus gathering as dust fills void
Raging resilience now recoiled
Bravado that bellowed and burned
Spurned reason, inquisition ever looming
Like a deftly sewn death shroud secured

Monochromatic Cell

Visions flourished with age
Cradled palette mirroring life
Unbound by consciousness

Subjective grandeur
In subconscious expanse

Ere I knew naught but this monochromatic cell

Though once I dwelled
In untold triumph
Freedom seldom deemed

Leaves absent; revealing lament
In reverie descending

Totality’s truth abiding
Fragile fruit bears mind
Vying for validation

Amid Eternity hastened
To taste infinity alone

Left to Desert

wafting ripples edging inward
when the sky had reached conclusion
treading long in earnest failing
foot sworn fate at rocky stream bed
spark embedded moment’s passing

left to right; in captive caption
trails grow cold and starburst shattered
at what great lengths do we now surface
only to return our silence

i stood watch for you; draped in new moon clashing
as all the wind found its resolve