Obscured Sediment In Dawn’s Exile

Shrouded by luminous quilt
In stolen hour of desert gloaming
Brash and bright as life would have us
Intertwined, we courted darkness

Stark was all that ruled our world
As we rued the daylight squander
Loathsome aurous sphere that seared
A porcelain demure transfixed

Etched embrace on umber shore
Neath peering Peridot mystique
We breached the siren’s song
Through passive glances temporal

Felled, you held this coiled carapace
Quelling wrath with vitreous hand
Hapless, I would soon succumb
Shunning lucid truth in youth

All that would bear consequence
Flourished in the fiery depths
Every moment flushed with fervent
Passions, sating flesh

The corridor of riparian quenching
Drenched, adrift the wayward isle
Once flowed freely of our wefting
Now as listless as its mooring

Obscured sediment in dawn’s exile


Time is not moulded clay
Meant to cradle impermanence
It moves with freedom
Minds cannot discern
We tread upon its trails, intrepid
Trivialities of atrophying form
Availed of all that falls before us
Envisioned of our own volition
Bound by realm of rusted blood
Etched in scrawling strewn askew
Washed away as whitened waves
Scorching scant displays of squalor
Songs of stringed structure lull
Swallowed by such forces fervent
Fraught with thoughts of relevance
And promised flights of light anew

To Exist

Chaotic echoes linger from distant realms
All that has existed in this patch of land
Exists now in the absence of time

In between every extreme contained within the spectrum
Moments thought to diminish, yet languish in the void
Intangible essences endlessly spiral inward

All progression remains relative to the mind
Molded by our perception’s indoctrination we stumble onward
In futility we grasp at pieces we no longer see

Time is the abstract mechanism that diminishes all
Helpless are we to protest its insistence
Haplessly deconstructing the construct of existence

All that is at once is as good as naught
Fraught with fantasies of infinite repetition of consciousness
But particles disperse and coalesce without prejudice

Through visions evolving, dissolving with precision
We ponder with purpose what the surface conceals
Revealing only that which we can comprehend

Bound by our own paltry perspectives
The perpetual plight of reflective introspection
Through inflections of or intrinsic inability

O Muse Sublime

o muse of trembling ardor
perched upon what precipice
wax adoring or abhorring
beauteous capricious wisp
beckon thoughts to naught surrender
fleeting free fall fraught with flame
solace in reckless abandon
consequence of hazard aim
intervals hail flippant airs
qualms aloof and proof left scorned
paradox of quine requiem
to what behest dost now adorn

Sinuating Midnight Sun

i have seen her rise eternal

sinuating midnight sun

polar opposition simmers

swathe of algor mortis mien

ultramarine rift emerging

bustled cries wave sonic shock

flitting scorn her form fermenting

fractured faith extenuant

acclimates capitulation

fervid purpose pale impugned

ruinous skin casting wayward

coiling clings to life anew

halid glint on umbral chasm

gazing crested crescent moon

in her hands of gloam inducing

strident seas breathe song subdued

The Silence of a Moment’s Touch

sun kissed flecks in ochre hue
trickling trails of wistful trod
pouring out as florid scents sail
yawning canopy doused clover

flailing gales of ghostly whispers
mantle muting raveled mind
fan the flames of dwindled kindling
webs spun framing frivolities

the silence of a moment’s touch
would ground torrential skies eternal
weeping brume imbruing marrow
warping whence was hale anew

hollow hands churn notions restless
spilling forth the levees breach
tormenting transposed to parchment
wrapped like sheaves round bounded roots