Ode to Pills

Them: “Stop complaining! All you need to do is to pick yourself up by your bootstraps! It’s all in your head!”

Me: “?!? No. You don’t seem to understand. Some people don’t have bootstraps, some don’t have boots, some don’t have feet, some don’t have legs…”

~little pills are my pals
when my life begins to fail
and i fall off the trail
as the entropy prevails
give me doses composed
in the golden ratio
sans acetaminophen
chock full of hydrocodone
on second thought, i’ll forgo
opiates not fit for rogues
oxycontin i want now
80mg green and round
chewy bits of heaven sent
to render me relevant
granting me everything
such as basic functioning
so that i may exist
as more than a listless void
in the languid abyss
so complicitly adroit
what was one small step for a man
is one giant leap from the pits
stepping into the life
that e’er eluded invalids
for you see, pills are power
pixellated fire flowers
or a box labled POW
so that you become the now
like a Cylon equipped
with regeneration ship
like Picard on respite
in a scant Risa tunic
Larry David when imbued
as a Gentile not a Jew
it’s the feeling of the Bern
when all hope has since been spurned
for you see, it’s never just
dust one simply needs to brush
it’s depression so deep
impressing upon our sleep
where we find no escape
ever looming is our fate
wracked with pain, guilt, and fear
falling only on deaf ears
once again, i assert
though eternal is this hurt
it is such that i will
trade my kingdom for some pills~

Deviants & Demagogues

the culture of our ignorance
extends beyond indoctrination
and bleeds into the heart of contempt
espousing answers to the questions
we dare never ask
embracing with our dying breath
from high atop perches of condemnation
beliefs that somehow never warranted our own research
in spite of this, we clench our fists
demanding to be heard
as though our lack of knowledge
were somehow worthy of respect
inundating those who have spent
their efforts toward due diligence
with furious fits of hearsay
comprised of cookie-cutter sentiments
bereft of relevance
yet bearing consequences grave
assuring the allure
of a lifetime of corporate enslavement
for nowhere is it written
save the pages since turned ash
the urgent plight of humankind
and that of mother nature
there is no word
that ever could hold hope to thus describe
the insurmountable disparity
that lies between those in power
and those granting the power
who’s rotting carcasses are carelessly piled
composing heaping mounds of mountains
upon which the privileged few audaciously stand
as though they were so proud and tall
in rising to the call
of their self-serving pathological disregard
for every writhing soul
over which they lust to gain control
the problem is in and of itself
one of our very human nature
rooted in the innate desire
to want what is best for all
its downfall can be found in the anomalous mutations
that dictate from the dormant hearts
of deviants turned demagogues

Venus Envy

how does this chromosome composed immarcescible
yield compromise in cries of flesh
wrapped in skin of scolded scandal
spurned escape from brute contempt

giver of all life yet none dare ponder
the light which begets all things known
the home from whence all journeys burgeon
the earthen arms embracing death

brandishing indelible burdens
wrought by hands of ransom’s scourge
forging millennia evincing incorrigible
horrors of abhorrent travesty

torrid envy trained on Venus
flourishing afire eternal
seething like celestial wreaths
breathing in nebulous ire

solace yet denied
til stellar flight again reigns in angelic
denizens deprived of dignity
by these depraved barbarians

Perspective Meme Observations: Women* (& other oddities)

There are times in which all of the entirety of language fails to suffice our desired conveyance.  This is why we have memes. *please take note, this is only a meme, thus, all representations may be prone to parodic exaggeration meant to achieve a humorous effect.  Except for that last frame… Why am I disclaiming?  Because of my effusive affinity for magniloquent masochism which happens to have sadistic functioning as well.  Okay, now i just feel super awkward… argh!

As much as find that I’m mildly afflicted by the abundance of alliterative day-of-the-week internet posting trends (such as ~sassy saturday~ or ~tonsilectomy tuesday~), I  have nonetheless decided that I will add to this blog[?] a weekly tradition i shall dub ~Fotoshop Friday~.  Or perhaps even, Photoshop Phriday […Fauxteaux Xiaoppe–… ok, i’ll stop. {but i’ll never stahp}…(((halp!))).  Upon which I shall post a new Photoshop amalgamative abomination from the ardor of my artifice.  Which may manifest in such ways such as to display the essence of my soul as seen below:14570679_1753020501582059_8636225138182371449_o

or perhaps when “shipping” went 8-bit:


and who could forget when ~Friend∞Zone~ dropped their debut album?



and the toilsome nights that ensued…


PSA’s for troubled youth:


the time i “borrowed” Scutty’s hawt bod…


and the proper tense for intimate grammatic expressions…


but I digress.