Fading Footsteps

when i turn to see your face
in imprints left behind
foreign shapes of shallow depth
sow shifting rifts through time
false impressions follow paths
alluding truths unknown
straying from our trail of tears
to find me here, alone
as stone erodes ‘neath gushing stream
all that stood to endure
would crumble fast to fill the cracks
of figments now obscured
languishing in hope abandoned
lost in reverie
vanquished, all but one memento
burning on my sleeve

Every Thought Denied Existence

Every thought denied existence
Lingers long in realms of rue
Just as truths untold persist
Subconsciously in shades imbued

To our known ideal of self
We struggle in estranged subdue
What is shown through what is held
Is often not revealed eschewed

On this fickle precipice
Lie all expressions fraught with fear
Hanging on the impetus
Of what impressions wrest our peers

If our minds are left to excess
Overburdened, undermined
Ever will impending duress
Govern what things we may find

Still, with stubborn heads relentless
Silencing the heart’s desire
Suffer as these false intentions
Surface surfeit of our ire

Felled Fast On Her Shoulder

adrift in each moment
her tempestuous waters writhing
beneath skies which she granted her garden of hues
in fading horizons
define earth from heaven
concealed amid coppice
hedge sodden shores strewn
spring forth strands of stardust
felled fast on her shoulder
as desert winds balmy lift spiralling plumes
on journeys unspoken
unknown to mere men
in glacial abandon on axis exiled
and tropical canopies bursting with breath
encompassing spectrums
infinity’s view
she trembles in trenches
untouched by the sun
to shift the foundation
with fury fomenting
ascending to heights
said to humble the beholden
unfurling as scrolls inscribed with tales tragic

Surface Tension

In transient thoughts of our truths sent to exile

Urgent as molten earth, looms at dawn’s hour

Sediments layered in shades of complexity

Granules composed of her prismed epistles

Dissembled semblances seep through the surface

In whispered epiphanies sown of the hearth

Beckon this consciousness in blaring eclipse

So futile are all motions clamoring banishment

Symphonies reign as crescendos cry skyward

Her name doth ascend where height fears no silence

So lucid the path has lain forthright and linear

Transpicuous impetus lifts sunken tread

Should words not express bemused skies revolve timeless

Such sorrowful drops would cut vales through the brow

When sudden a shattering wretched shriek stricken

Streams forth a faint filament brimming abound

And ardent illusions felled softly in flicker

Now shepherd this shackled breast cleft in clement


those who judge have not yet walked
in footsteps whence life lived was wrought
that sunken soil shall level all
left standing in the place we fall
cast not a stone, with guilt bar none
for naught is known, alone as one
to take such solace in the wrath
imagined of another’s path
will yield a world of false ideals
fantasy told as though real
though dubious, remain devout
and grant the benefit of doubt
we must heed what the mirror reveals
reflections of our hearts concealed
should we forsake this one known truth
then humans are as humans do

She Breathes Freedom

the faintest of whispers has beckoned
as rifts tear the moon’s lake ashore
in shifting shades of amaranthine
adrift as ambivalence alters salt of earth
she sits beside tides of diremption
surrendered to none, bride of shrewd
intrinsic to all things surrounding
what kings relinquish, wish fortuitous birth
when walls built to crumble creation
fall silt in penumbral nuance
her sendal strands flicker abeyance
portraying what laymen e’er grasping could not
and days press like parchment to florae
indelible eras bygone
in swells of a weltering fallout
dispelling adduction, such freedom knew aught