The Sloe

silent shrills
spilled forth like flies
from graves of eager repose

dolent will
crept from her eyes
in waves of welling woe

a stolen bliss
of esoteric air

stranded long
as loss bestilled
mesmeric songs drew tears

loomed nigh as night
blew fickle wafts of clove

from aloft the sloe


brief to behold
retold as sweet sorrow
as daylight unfolds
and hours become borrowed

a tragic seclusion
walls rusted with death
impassioned delusions
seek mustering breaths

but long have the seasons
shone cyclical sun
where dawn winces reason
through cryptic webs spun

as tall as a fall’s tale
as broad as the sky
embalmed inside black shale
and wallowing sighs

a grim inquisition
brings ground underfoot
where dimly lit prisons
sing sounds of refuting

Window of Slumber

i believe in subtle skies where you and i might meet

dreams serene that lie between the rift of open eyes

i have seen you as you are and as you may have been

whispering in silent hues refracting through dawn’s dew

waxing spools of unspent words where truth inspires the wind

freely falling as the finest motes on placid seas

hidden realms of quietus and calming songs of trust

long forgotten degustaions painting life as love

memories once fleeing from our muddled minds transmute

so will sunken soil bear secrets deep as stars in view

wonders yet unknown of verity as vast as home

one day will awaken with the ancient prayers of yore

every layer of mystery once more will breathe the sun

until this time i find the faces fond as once i held

traced in patterns strewn about in scattered lines perceived

inside of worlds familiar depicted in my sleep

Letting Be

Let not the pain in which we suffer
Afflict those carrying our hearts

Release allures veiling elusive
For each must tend their burdened load

Let the ancient souls subsist us
With forces none dare comprehend

Let no man stand to quash thy purpose
Stay the path shone brightly with truth

For only minds of open ingress
Sow the seeds of fortune’s reap

Filling fields we’d let fall fallow
With abundant wonders strewed

Train thy sights of weather eye
Upon these friendships, forge thy freedom

Under skies of vibrant valor
Let us rise to heights unknown

To walk in every path whence trod
Perchance, to understand our own