Should you ever shine on these salt sodden shores
I pray that your radiance will judge me not
I can only be all that I have known of love

Universal Truth

Max or Not

the universe has once again flourished in my consciousness.  knowledge of my own existence and that of the world around me becomes my reality. there are many things, infinite things for which i feel fear and unknowing. life persists and time is imminent. i am helpless to  anything other than surrender to its insistence.

in spite of the anguished plight of each individual’s existence i feel the warm energy of assurance and comfort radiate throughout my entire being. an understanding that all that has been, all that will be, and all that is, shall be okay.

the singularity of time and truth looms above. not as a harbinger of sorrow but as the sun, infusing all with its golden beams of love. doting on each and every one of us with buzzing motes of life’s exquisite mystery. anything within and beyond our comprehension may take place at any given moment.


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