Upon the Hourglass’ Turn

swaying blades of peridot

alight amid azurite horizon

of clement citrine sunset

in velveteen palanquin

draped in silk brocade

jade hairpin askew

wonted truth presaging

the seizing solemnity

by crook of Anubis

we tendered the ferryman’s toll

stolid in this stagnant state

as fate shed its veils before us

upon the hourglass’ turn

emergent, we shuffled off

our toilsome coils rejoicing


Ephemeral Souls

unabashed silphium sleeve
impassioned pleas
uttered free from restraint

spirit, bold as black damask
in meadows of pasque
with prose unsurpassed

peculiarly non pareil
pressed onto parchment
in prismatic pigments sprawling

arranged in the strangeness
of strands set at random
expanding in nebulous bloom

wreath of sloe flowing
in slow rippled cadence
diffusely drawn out reaching all

as an echo eternalized
amid jutting earth scarred
and scattering sky of ensconcing

ethereal energies emanate
from mien marred by mask
of perpetual phantom interface

Expressing In Ebb & Flow

with each passing era
my loss becomes greater
greater than the gains I stood to enjoy

textured from trudging
against every grain
abstaining from that which my peers would embrace

though much have I learned
having leapt into darkness
the pages turned have since shed their words

falling like life as decay takes its setting
to make room for the new
this once I knew

expressing in ebb and flow
exploring existence
from exile to exit consumed by exhaustion

pin pricks of rarest occurrence have flourished
into the tapestried vaults of my heart
silently singing the truth of my love

my gratitude still greater than all I have voiced
for every encounter
of chance or choice

moments stirred mountains
yet spawned from a speck
a single simple notion that gathered such moss

hastening upward the apex was sudden
but in this descent my heart has abandoned
this trek, still I remain

framed by all that I have lost
all that I have gained
I now refrain

Universal Truth

Max or Not

the universe has once again flourished in my consciousness.  knowledge of my own existence and that of the world around me becomes my reality. there are many things, infinite things for which i feel fear and unknowing. life persists and time is imminent. i am helpless to  anything other than surrender to its insistence.

in spite of the anguished plight of each individual’s existence i feel the warm energy of assurance and comfort radiate throughout my entire being. an understanding that all that has been, all that will be, and all that is, shall be okay.

the singularity of time and truth looms above. not as a harbinger of sorrow but as the sun, infusing all with its golden beams of love. doting on each and every one of us with buzzing motes of life’s exquisite mystery. anything within and beyond our comprehension may take place at any given moment.


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