Failed Words

i hear my words encrypt my thoughts

as deftly as they soon appear

layered attempts to obfuscate

the discourse of my mind’s duress


neatly tucked in wisps of whimsy

affectations strung like beads

set upon a single strand

bearing down with every breath


poring over my life’s learnings

laboriously languishing

in search of vainglorious displays

to shield me from such stark reflection


these notions superficialized

trivialize my truths

for all that i require to say

stripped of grandiloquence

is infinite in its simplicity

and speaks loud as the sun

articulates the ineffable

understood by heart alone


my words have failed me once again

by succeeding to obscure conation

poignancy as parody on parade

in pandered prose most profuse

Leggo Your Ego

once again it is your friend named maximillian
sending forth my message to forgo virilium
take that frail pathetic ego put it on the shelf
for history has proven it’s the bane of global health
everything it’s taken far exceeds any returns
for all that it has done has set our every bridge to burn
connecting us to any shred left of humanity
it flourished in the darkness of our own duality
corrupted every heart with greed and self-serving regard
entrusted in the hands of men who sought to own the stars
with ample resources to educate and sate the world
they chose instead to hoard wealth in their pockets lined with purl
reaching heights unknown atop mountains made of bodies
quiet desperation of the masses’ misery
toiling til the only freedom they would ever know
granted their release from the eternal push and tow
the moral of my rhyme is one of simple consequence
focus your heart only on that which bears relevance

Phantom Proximity

what is this
this intangible void in which we invade this same space
energies exchanging pleasantry
impassioned, please
the pull of our plight fall elsewhere
behind numbered masks
bound to the task of liquid lines
faintly flickering free from threat
as threadbare risk complacent
i sense the scents composing inference
how can i say what cannot be seen
your palm caress
a warmth mistaken
the truth that lingers loudly
encompassing like lumberingplumes
halting at our phantom presence
outlining arresting proximity

Defying Silence

fuck the ceiling, looming like tomorrow’s marquee
gaudy flashes from which i must turn
for within lies the ever-present artifice
skulking in dungeons of impulsion

fuck the floor, a cold mirage of hope
rife with arbitrary voids
no measured step bears relevance
pits of quicksand amid houred glass

fuck the door, weak and hingeless
prison cell of self-appointing or shielding from the shrill
one false waft of breath not bated
crumbling point of worlds divided

fuck the words, defying silence
skies of doubting look upon us
laughing in these measured steps
jarring with observant hues