A Simple Moment Passes By

A simple moment passes by
I may never know these feelings again
Were that I could embrace this heart
And capture its pulse in some less apparent form
As I move through this existential void
I am privy to but a single experience
In spite of the infinite inferences that lay hands upon the unknown
My own scented landscape of which I taste and listen upon
These chemical reactions composing the truth of all I know
I try with all that I am given to grasp at the world external
Reaching out to all and none
Ardently scrutinizing with every sense I command
Alas, these truths remain a hazardous guess
Patiently I piece together remnants from my own components
Stitched with the meandering trail dust I have lain afoot
Bolstered by expressions I can only wish to assume
What contorted monstrosities I must exude
I know only my own reality yet it remains obscured
What abomination must the world behold
I shudder to imagine such horrors
Hastily I stumble in a motion to regain composure
For all that I imagine will never stay in any one form
There will not be another who should step into my solemn soul
Solitude remains the one consistency I cannot undo
Yet it forever binds my truth to every living thing
And in this my connection is understood
That which separates our solitary sentience
Weaves our existence together, loomed only with love

Whimsical Flow

My name is Max-a-mil
I swim amid the swill
From rhymes I left behind
In times not powered by the pills

I live in such lament
So endless in descent
And when it comes to languishing
I set the precedent

My days are like a blur
My cats will all concur
That it is not from pleasure
But from pain for which I purr

Awaiting my demise
Through these tear-sodden eyes
With lies I must believe
To breathe and compartmentalize

Y’all can feel my pain
For y’all must feel the same
On one thing we can all agree
Nothing will ever change

Blackened Sacrament

the sun’s searing plasma impressed upon layered soot
ashen like blight which bore forgone
familial foundation of fancied flight
what gratuitous gall with which you gloat
smote by your own self-endowed grandeur
wont that i should pander in groveling gratitude
surely you jest!
impressed, i stand
by the sincerity of your impaired self-regard
boldly going where eagles dare…
dare you seek to endear your ingratiating demeanor?
as droll as the lulling of culled sopor
toped up like tournaments of unreal inebriation
abrogating the constructs that sustained your slapdash composure
unraveling in disheveled disparity of the id and the superego forsaken
neatly tucked in vociferous sanctimony
thunderous echoes cry “philanderous phony!”
only to fall on deaf ears of porn

Desert Rain

clutching tightly your hand
staunching pain and sorrow
your touch granting solace
shrouded by the morrow’s fog

enchanted fluvial strands
scarlet, amber shades of comfort
following trails of silk
leading to infinity

wrapped in cloaked warmth
immersive depths afire
where mountains shelter lava
and torrents loom above

in your eyes of euxine waters
lies the mirrored truth revealed
understanding far beyond
all things to myself concealed

words gently seep downstream
breathing life from up on high
speak the very essence sealed
scars wrought of vital tears

stumbling through empty hollows
clamoring to stay aloft
countless paths of which to follow
my eyes closed, i await ensconced

plated crust lay underfoot
strife forever imminent
hovering heaps of granite
bearing relevant consequence

cracking like roars of thunder
bearing into crashing waves
besieging crumbling earth
left behind as grains of sand

once again we find these forms
drawn by forces unexplained
driven by nature, our mother
blessing us like desert rain

Petaline Presence

the toilsome tasks of this tear trodden timeline
tethered to my imminent tomb have been trivialized
the hours spent in languid lament, granted life anew

aurous beams of your radiant persona have softly seeped
into every darkened corridor of my heart and mind
where once I dreaded a moment unfettered
felled by fiery fear, fraught with forlornness

I am left hapless to ponder this prose
purloined from the Pleiades and placed within my pith
opalescent pleas impassioned

as each falling grain slips through narrowed neck
another thought of you finds its home
to tell of your story

my affinity for every facet of your precious plight had flourished
as it stood to watch its own reflection

words will never weave the wonders of the world
upon which you so warily walk

your sonorous song has shone upon these wintry woes
whispering ward amid walls of wrought ores

the tortuous descent of time’s pendulum no longer persists
replaced with your petaline presence
permeating my paltry personage

My Heart Displays for You

let me draw you into my steadied, unfaltering stance
to embrace you in such ways
that you may release every tension coiled

surrender to these tender lips of lingering
as they softly graze the silken allure
surrounding your center of consciousness

upon being stricken with frenzied fit of passion
pressing ardently into you
deliberately displacing your disciplined decor
having done nothing more
than to pass my lips over yours

in whispered tones of serenity
unto your bare skin of sun shunned
gently carresing the fragrant filaments
composing the hearth of your experience

I want to meld with your truth
thrashing intertwined along this bittersweet plane
every moment passed is a moment squandered
if not lost in love’s reverie

for to love, is to live

bear me witness the splendorous sublimity
of souls assimilating
so forever may remain within my heart’s refrain

your touch grants me all that I should ever care to know
of this, and endless more, I am resolved
for truly you are, one in infinity

my heart displays for you