Verdurous Veil

a flower unknown
bears a truth
discreet layers of life
its tenses
of tempered perfection
is fruit
that falls not
from bare sky
in flawed efflorescing
its rapturous call
strikes allure
engulfing those poised
most aplomb
intently attending its courting
of masked countenance
with abated embellish
ensnaring those daring
to tread
on pistils
in spite of known stigma
to fate so sublime
in extol

Siren’s Ward

quelling contralto so sublime
resigned to faltered consignment
defined by days diminished

vanishing plays of the occult
engulfed in goethite gown

abound are stains of charcoal and chalk
walking horizons, reality reigned
framed for eyes of strained veracity

availed of verbose avenues
in venues where virtuous eavesdroppers err

Consolence Weeps In Silent Shades

her words
are the palette
invoking the tapestry
of thought
filaments effusive

artistry imbued
of subtle sanctuary

in moments of brooding

so fair and finite
in fleeting feeling
balanced beams
shine beauteously

as softly i clasp
such fragility

tempered tones
of precious presence
consolence weeps
in silent shades

of serenity’s prescience
ephemeral aegis

A De-winged Fly Fixed In Brief Repose

on wavering wrest
against mirrored walls erring
spuriously spinning infinitesimal

entangled silken fractal
whelming accursed manacle
of urgent whims cast

inexorably whorled
a de-winged fly fixed
in brief repose

sinuous lamellate shifting
enkindling extricate forge
wrought with exigence

vermillion amative arils
on piste of glistened pist
oping obsidian sky fall
of ephemeral owl
and howling wraith

In Doubt Have We Forsaken All

Emerging at the worn divide
Torn with surging feelings
Forcing purging of things concealed
Stinging urges of surreal consequence

Stoically stowed with eloquence
Eluding the known self
Burrowing with blinded foresight
With mind of spurned course

Cheek turned, to face surreality
Burned bridges, blackened annealing
Annul the shackles bound to honor
Honed in hindsight, alighting home

Palindromic dominion of scorned conscience
Obsessive arbitrations mold mountains
In mundane progression in vain and valence
Visage now pallid, invalid throughout

In doubt have we forsaken all
Every fiber, mired by machinations manmade
In prophecies fulfilled by self sacrifice
Compliant with secession and sacredness surrendered

Descendent no longer through sentient states
Relentlessly pondered this basement ascent
What stasis has stricken a heart stalwart
Now felled as the four walls once bracing