our perspective

if we are to foster any semblance of humanity
we must stay vigilant in our acquaintance with reality
to understand that our accord
occurs by naught but random sequence
let us not succumb to privilege
thinking each his own Prometheus
others we may find distasteful
deem unsound of mind and moral
poised are we to prosecute them
moored upon the umbra horal
ere we grant our fear the fuel
to forge a conflagrative fury
diligence is due
lest misconstrual beget death sans jury
if we claim a civil station
constituting erudition
we cannot afford to be remiss
in our considerations
in relation to the chance
of circumstance in all induction
seeking to forgo the woes
intrinsic to systemic ruction
ergo, that we may avoid
egregious errs of devolution
it is most imperative
to deviate from persecution
dedicate proactively
time requisite for introspection
prior to compliance with the conviction of our perspective

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