One Life

knowledge can be such
that it becomes a crux of paradox
impairing our perceptive predilections
like an opiate

sometimes, it is preferable
to put the book down, shed our skin
and frolick in the freedom
once precedent to our wit

ere the omnipresence
of our existential burdens
depression did lay dormant
and our essence, innocent

soon we find the words
as to articulate expression
eloquently waxing
on our states of discontent

anguish and despair
may pave the path to our enlightenment
through endless eras do we toil
transposing pain to wisdom

peace of mind comes at a price
which knows no preparation
it seems once it is earned
our shells surrender to the sun

one such truth retained
within the fragments of forbearance
urges us to ne’er forget
to forge a heart most lithe

for if we are to overstate
the aspect of our relevance
we forsake our only stake
in living this, one life

2 Replies to “One Life”

  1. Sometimes, the more formal education we received, the less we’d come to know about life, that is why a lot of the great minds were never really educated, they were, originally, intelligent, without the proper trainings from their school careers…


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