to know

Beautifully intriguing expression from my friend Miranda

voice of miranda

I don’t really know what I created, (not that I really have a style, yet) but it happened. So here it is.

i lay, on the brink
shook tongues with my past self

clawing at the collapse and fold,

i helped her out of her coat

‘well, aren’t you cold?’
why yes, she let, and let me find my death
in the reigns of frost, pages fill my chest
there are jewels in the snow,
did you know? did you know?
i lost myself on the way to my cabin
careless in the clutches of a mind gone rabid

i cast aside her shoes

‘oh, how you shiver –
your spine twists in my hands like a child with fever’
in the blackened night, you scrawl your dues
ink floods your dreams,
where are you? where are you?
i fought myself on the way to my cabin,
howling and bawling for…

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2 Replies to “to know”

  1. Wow! Max, I am flattered just when people even take a moment to look at my writing, hahah, so this caught me off guard. Thank you very, very much (:


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